I hope you enjoy the links to some of the Alchemist's Cabinet's favorite web sites. All web sites listed below have achieved the Alchemist's Cabinet's "5 Gold Bars" Award of Excellence.

PLEASE NOTE: The Alchemist's Cabinet is not affiliated with any web site listed below and guarantees nothing of their content or services. These are sites that the Alchemist's Cabinet uses, has found useful or interesting. These links will open in a separate window.

Tools & Utilities
Convert-me.com. No matter WHAT the measurement you need to convert from or to, Convert-me.com can convert it for you.
Who doesn't like logoed goodies? Get your official Alchemist's Cabinet logoed products here! From coffee mugs to shirts, there's lots to choose from!
OTR Cat!
If you're a fan of Old Time Radio then this is a MUST VISIT site! This web site is the Alchemist's Cabinet's source for Old Time Radio.
Think Geek
If you are a 'geek' or need a gift for a 'geek,' then this is the place to go! (Please feel free to email me for my wish-list)
Layout and design artist for web, books, brochures and other products.
Dedicated to developing and deploying the best hardware and software to meet their customer's needs.
A large site for learning how to create things in many different software programs including Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Illustrator, Excel, Word, and XML just to name a small handful!
Love photoshop like the Alchemist's Cabinet? Then you'll love this site on learning different techniques and 'tricks' that you can do.
Want to know the latest in science breakthroughs? Need an update on "cool" technology products? Be sure to check out Discovery News brought to you by The Discovery Channel.
Need a font for your projects? They have a lot of to choose from!
High-quality, enjoyable entertainment when you just need a small, relaxing break.


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